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Many people don't realize that their mortgage company has placed coverage for them. Whether you are escrowed or not, you have the option of choosing who you want for your insurance company. However, if you don't provide your own insurance the mortgage company will place their's for you. READ MORE >>

Both have their good  and bad points. Isn't there some middle ground? So lets talk about both sides. Internet companies are available 24/7 for quotes, claims, make payments and to make changes. However, they usually have so many customers and employees you never talk to the same person twice. READ MORE >>

Congradulations to the Tigers on a 35-17 victory over the west coast powerhouse Bellvue. I would just like to say "Welcome to Texas football". Next week Katy plays another tough opponent against FM Marcus. The game will be held in Waco ISD Stadium on 9/19/09 at 1 pm. It looks to be a showdown between two tough teams. READ MORE >>

Would you rather be treated like a number at a fast food restaurant or like a family member? It's a simple question and answer. Whenever you talk to big companies you may never get to talk to the same person twice. You never get to develope that relationship. READ MORE >>

A lot of insurance companies will over and under value home, or not provide you with the best type of policy for your needs (eg  A, A+, B). This could be a recipe for disaster. At the least, you pay too much for insurance; at the worst case scenario, your claim isn't covered. READ MORE >>

The 4th of July is coming up soon. That means fireworks, barbeque and beer. Please remember to drink responsibly before driving. Police will ramp up efforts to catch drunk drivers. If you get caught a DWI will cost your auto insurance rates to sky rocket. READ MORE >>

Many people have never had a claim and don't know what to do. Here is some helpful advise.If it is a car accident: Stop and make sure you and the other party is not hurt. Always call the police to take a report and get the at fault parties insurance information. Take pictures. READ MORE >>

Hurricane season is approaching! After Rita and Ike we can't take any chance. Your home insurance does NOT cover flood. No home insurance in the country covers flood coverage. Just cause we are not in hurricane season doesn't mean you can't flood. If a heavy April rain, like we just had, hits your area you could be at risk. READ MORE >>

The biggest cause of house fires is the stove. Always remember to turn your stove off and never leave rags next to the burner. You should also have your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors checked every 6 months. Education is the biggest prevention. Teach your kids the dangers and how to use stoves and furnaces. READ MORE >>

We are trying to make our website available for you to find anywhere. We are on ever search engine possible: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask and much more. No matter where you search you can find us. We are also on many directories such as yellow pages, super pages, anywho and much more. READ MORE >>

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