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Are you concerned about your clients’ safety if you make house calls to do business? Could something you do accidentally cause that person to fall and get hurt? How can you respond if this does happen? Any business owner who travels to clients’ properties to do business might accidentally cause that person to get hurt, even on their own property. READ MORE >>

If you’re a general or specialized contractor, your work probably involves a lot of manual labor. Therefore, you usually spend a lot of your time assembling projects and committing time to making sure the work goes off without a hitch. However, there are times when you could make mistakes throughout the course of your services. READ MORE >>

Small business owners frequently buy business owners policies (BOPs) as a way to jumpstart their insurance portfolios. Among the coverage within your BOP is likely liability coverage. However, BOPs vary in the liability coverage options they offer. What coverage do you need to buy to ensure you have appropriate protection? READ MORE >>

Natural disasters are a problem for any company. Damage from the disaster adds costs to the company. You may also face challenges getting back to your normal activities. Should a disaster strike, the loss of income impacts a business. You want to protect your company with the right business insurance. READ MORE >>

As criminals grow craftier, security technology must also grow stronger. This has led to an assortment of security cameras with new, cutting-edge features, some of which connect with a surveillance app to send you alerts if any suspicious activity is caught on camera. How can this help you? READ MORE >>

While cyber threats are on the rise, it’s shocking to learn that less than three percent of small businesses are protected by cyber liability insurance. It’s not uncommon to hear about hacking and cybercrime on the news, so why are small businesses going unprotected? The top three reasons are as follows. READ MORE >>

You’ve heard about workplace shootings on the news and it probably fills you with fear that you may one day encounter a similar act of violence while on the job. But the scarier truth is that it’s much more than gun violence plaguing the workplace. Unchecked aggression can lead to: READ MORE >>

Owning business insurance is an important part of protecting your livelihood, but the price tag can be crippling during slower times. However, rather than cancelling coverage and going unprotected, you can trim down the premium cost by talking to your independent insurance agent and taking a few simple steps. READ MORE >>

It makes sense that doctors and lawyers need professional liability insurance. But you work in the field of technology. You code software for a living and help companies work the software once it's coded. So, why would you need professional liability insurance? READ MORE >>

Insurance has a fairly simple purpose: help make policy holders financially whole, up to the limits of the policy, after losses experienced during an insurable event. While the goal of insurance is simple, its execution doesn’t always follow the same clean lines. READ MORE >>

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