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Many times, you may hear auto insurance called full coverage. That is not a specific type of policy. Rather, it is a term people use to refer to coverage that protects against the most common risk factors for drivers. Every driver needs a customized car insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Many times, parents place their new teen drivers on their own auto insurance plan. Doing so is often a good idea because it reduces costs. However, as a child gets older and moves off to college or on their own, it may be time for a change. It is quite common for young adults not to be sure how to handle their car insurance policy after they’ve moved out. READ MORE >>

When most people purchase car insurance, they tend to assume they’re covered for every eventuality. However, the average policy lacks coverage for flood damage, as well as other types of damage. In light of the current hurricane season, here’s a question that should be first and foremost on your mind – “Does my car insurance cover damage from floods? READ MORE >>

Sometimes, regardless of how careful you are on the road, an accident happens. If this occurs and you are found at fault, your Houston auto insurance premium rates will likely increase. The reason is not that you are seen as being negligently involved in the incident, but rather that you are now seen as a greater risk. READ MORE >>

You may think a no-fault accident is an accident that was caused by situations that were not your fault.  An example of a no-fault accident would be running into a pot hole or losing traction on a sandy street. However, a no-fault accident can simply be an accident at which you are found to be the faultless party. READ MORE >>

Aging changes more than just your hair color. Your auto insurance policy will be affected by both the changes to your lifestyle and your experience that aging brings on. Auto Insurance for Young Drivers As a young driver, you will have little experience behind the wheel. READ MORE >>

If you are searching for a new car insurance policy, your initial impulse is probably to compare insurance premiums in order to make certain that you get the best deal on your policy. But comparing rates alone will not provide you a good indication of which policy is more cost effective, dependable and better suited to your general needs. READ MORE >>

The 5 Most Common Distractions of Teen Drivers AAA recently released the findings of a study they conducted regarding the distractions encountered by teen drivers. The purpose of the study was to discover what preventable environmental events pulled a teen’s attention from the road. READ MORE >>

Texas police are taking a stand against drivers with no car insurance policy. Because having liability car insurance is required by law in the state of Texas, some cities are adopting a “no tolerance” policy. In 2009, the state of Texas linked its vehicle registrations with insurance policies to verify coverage in a program called TexasSure. READ MORE >>

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