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Investigators say 10 students and their school bus driver were injured when the vehicle was broadsided by an 18-wheeler on a Central Texas highway. The Texas Department of Public Safety says nobody was seriously hurt in the accident involving a Bastrop Independent School District bus. READ MORE >>

Many times, parents place their new teen drivers on their own auto insurance plan. Doing so is often a good idea because it reduces costs. However, as a child gets older and moves off to college or on their own, it may be time for a change. It is quite common for young adults not to be sure how to handle their car insurance policy after they’ve moved out. READ MORE >>

Houston Auto insurance companies have a way of categorizing drivers as either high-risk or low-risk drivers. Those who are deemed high-risk have to pay higher premiums than their low-risk counterparts. Incidentally, teenage drivers are classified as risky drivers, and have to pay high premiums. READ MORE >>

The 5 Most Common Distractions of Teen Drivers AAA recently released the findings of a study they conducted regarding the distractions encountered by teen drivers. The purpose of the study was to discover what preventable environmental events pulled a teen’s attention from the road. READ MORE >>

"Laugh and the world laughs with you" is a mantra that has been embraced by many in the car insurance industry in recent years, with some companies spending hundreds of millions of dollars on ads that use humor to get attention. READ MORE >>

More than 1 in 5 Texas driverslack the auto insurance required by state law. The Texas Department of Insurance recently reported that 21.6% of all drivers statewide were driving without insurance. Bexar County registered a mark of 22.9% of drivers without insurance, trailing only Dallas County (24. READ MORE >>

Texas lawmakers are considering eliminating a program that requires those charged with offenses including driving while intoxicated and failure to have insurance to pay state surcharges. Nearly 60 percent of those with the surcharges – about 1.2 million drivers – are unwilling or unable to pay and owe the state more than $1. READ MORE >>

A U.S. government investigation showed no link between electronic throttles and unintended acceleration in Toyota Motor Corp. vehicles, a victory for the world's top automaker battered by recalls over runaway vehicles. READ MORE >>

Parents face a confusing mix of emotions at every stage of their child’s development, but none is as powerful as the concoction of fear, pride, excitement and dread they face as their child turns 16. For your child, 16 is a miraculous age that allows them an important insight into what real freedom is as they get their license and start driving. READ MORE >>

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