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When it’s time to purchase a business insurance policy, it’s time to research some unfamiliar terms. Selecting a comprehensive liability package might be easier than you think—but adhering to your state’s laws and regulations may be a bit tougher. READ MORE >>

We live in an increasingly eco-friendly world. Today’s businesses know the value of a dollar. Many know how to save money by using solar energy. Using solar panels on your business’s roof is a good idea. It might, however, introduce several business insurance implications. READ MORE >>

Professional photographers and videographers should have specific types of business insurance. Most importantly, these professionals must protect themselves from liability issues. However, there are other types of insurance that may be beneficial to have as well. READ MORE >>

Variable life insurance is one of the policy options many individuals can select to provide financial coverage. It is sometimes called variable appreciable life insurance. This type of insurance provides a cash value account and lifelong protection. Generally speaking, they have a higher potential to earn more during your lifetime. READ MORE >>

Are you concerned about your clients’ safety if you make house calls to do business? Could something you do accidentally cause that person to fall and get hurt? How can you respond if this does happen? Any business owner who travels to clients’ properties to do business might accidentally cause that person to get hurt, even on their own property. READ MORE >>

No driver wants to have a wreck. For motorcycle riders, this is just as big of a concern, and an even greater risk. Bikers have a lot to lose when wrecks occur, perhaps even more so than regular drivers. As a result, it is imperative that they have motorcycle insurance to back them up in case accidents occur. READ MORE >>

If you’re a general or specialized contractor, your work probably involves a lot of manual labor. Therefore, you usually spend a lot of your time assembling projects and committing time to making sure the work goes off without a hitch. However, there are times when you could make mistakes throughout the course of your services. READ MORE >>

Perhaps your spouse or partner travels a lot, which means you sometimes feel more exposed to dangerous risks than you would by yourself. If you are at home alone a lot, your safety might be at the forefront of your mind. What can you do to protect yourself at times when you are by yourself in the property? READ MORE >>

Summer is a prime time for entertaining, and when you own a boat, that will probably seem like the perfect place to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. However, all boat owners probably understand exactly how many safety risks that both they and others face on the vessel. READ MORE >>

Cars require work, and they are worth a lot to you—both time and money, in fact. That’s why you want to keep them in good shape. Now that it’s summer, you might have some free time to take care of a few vehicle upkeep tasks that you might forget about otherwise. READ MORE >>

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