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Reliable Insurance Managers, Inc. Blog: life insurance

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Variable life insurance is one of the policy options many individuals can select to provide financial coverage. It is sometimes called variable appreciable life insurance. This type of insurance provides a cash value account and lifelong protection. Generally speaking, they have a higher potential to earn more during your lifetime. READ MORE >>

Buying car insurance means buying coverage for all your vehicles. In most cases, every car in your possession needs a policy. Every driver, from you to your spouse or children, needs coverage also. However, that may not necessarily mean that they all need separate policies. READ MORE >>

If you are 40 or over, then the time to start shopping for a long-term care (LTC) insurance policy is now. There is no age that marks the starting point for the LTC shopping experience, but the older you get the more expensive your rates will be, which means it's best to shop as early as possible. READ MORE >>

Most people are familiar with the saying "life is short," but it doesn't seem to be much of a motivator when it comes to life insurance purchases. People often procrastinate because they feel that time is on their side. READ MORE >>

The ultimate goal of anyone with a life insurance policy is to ensure that their loved ones are comfortable after they pass away. If you do not update your insurance coverage when changes occur in your life, you could leave your family without the benefits you intended. READ MORE >>

The Value of Accidental Death Coverage Some deaths are expected. Following months or years of illness, an expected death may even come as a relief that ends the suffering of the now deceased and allows his or her survivors to come together and celebrate the deceased’s life. READ MORE >>

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