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Insurance fraud is escalating -- up 19 percent since 2009, says the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). To detect more fraud, reduce false positives and improve investigator efficiency, insurers now have the latest version of SAS Fraud Framework for Insurance, from the leader in business analytics software and services. READ MORE >>

Reliable Insurance Managers doesn't run credit in 99% of the time. We only do if you want us to in order to find a better rate, if you already know your credit is good. Texas homeowners with poor credit ratings — including a high percentage of minorities and lower-income residents &mdas... READ MORE >>

Tobacco users at Texas A&M will pay an extra $360 a year for health coverage starting Sept. 1 under a new A&M System policy that aims to keep people healthier and save money by cutting down on costs of treating tobacco-related diseases. READ MORE >>

The wildfires in Texas continue to roar out of control, destroying more than 1,000 homes. With seemingly no end to the flames in sight, more than 5,000 residents were evacuated from the most-threatened areas.Gov. Rick Perry told CBS that he hopes that today's forecast calling for cooler temperatures and slowing winds would help firefighters make headway. READ MORE >>

Efforts by Texas lawmakers to increase the speed limit to 85 on the state's future highways is meeting with opposition from those who say the move will lead to more highway deaths.   Insurance industry officials say any increase in speed, whether on an existing freeway or new one, could cause more accidents, resulting in more injuries and fatalities. READ MORE >>

American International Group repaid another $6.9 billion of its bailout Tuesday, the U.S. Treasury said. With that payment, the Treasury said it has now recovered 70 percent of the $411 billion distributed under the crisis-era Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP. AIG paid the Treasury $6. READ MORE >>

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