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Reliable Insurance Managers, Inc. Blog: motorcycle insurance

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No driver wants to have a wreck. For motorcycle riders, this is just as big of a concern, and an even greater risk. Bikers have a lot to lose when wrecks occur, perhaps even more so than regular drivers. As a result, it is imperative that they have motorcycle insurance to back them up in case accidents occur. READ MORE >>

On long motorcycle trips, fatigue comes from a multitude of sources. Prolonged fatigue over the course of several days reduces alertness and control, which makes accident avoidance more difficult. Fatigue has even caused some riders to fall asleep on their bikes. READ MORE >>

Motorcycling is an inherently dangerous activity because motorcyclists are more likely to get injured or die in a traffic accident than motorists driving cars. In addition to the fact that motorcycles offer little in the way of impact protection, motorcyclists often get launched into the air in high speed impacts. READ MORE >>

Rear end accidents are a frequent occurrence and can happen at any time when you are on the road. This type of accident is often caused by motorists who are distracted or don't allow enough space in front of them to react to sudden slowdowns of the traffic ahead. READ MORE >>

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