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Life is full of milestones, and one of the most significant ones involves children moving into their own place. With graduations around the corner, it's a popular time for adult children to find their own apartment and experience life outside the nest. READ MORE >>

Your pets, or fur babies as you lovingly refer to them, bring so much joy to your life. You probably can’t imagine a day without your dog or cat greeting you at the door after a long day at work. But owning a pet is also a major responsibility. READ MORE >>

It’s easy to feel comfortable at home when you’re curled up on the couch in sweatpants in front of a good movie. But if your home is an apartment unit, it is inherently less safe than many houses. This has to do with many factors, including cheaper construction materials and the volume of people coming and going within the complex. READ MORE >>

We all love to save money, especially on insurance. So, how can you save on renters insurance? It's actually very easy. Just follow these six easy tips to start saving money every month. Be accurate when valuing what you own. It might be tempting to overvalue your property, but that will only raise your rates and won’t be helpful if you file a claim. READ MORE >>

You just got engaged and you are loving the comments about what a great ring you have. It is beautiful, and you have even got one place you always put it when you take it off to wash your hands or clean your home. You don't ever want to lose or damage this beautiful ring. READ MORE >>

Many people don't plan on being landlords, but accidentally become one anyway. Maybe you let someone live in the in-law apartment at your primary home. Maybe you decided to rent out your lake house or second home as a vacation rental. Maybe you've even turned a home into a full-time tenanted property. READ MORE >>

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