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Gutter cleaning does not sound like a weekend chore anyone is excited to do. Yet, it's an important chore every homeowner should do or hire someone to do twice a year. Why? Because gutters get clogged, which can result in significant damage to your house. That significant damage can cost you money. READ MORE >>

Storms can’t always be predicted, but there are steps you can take to protect both your property and family if you know that high winds are on their way. Use this list as a guide to start making preparations at the first warning of an oncoming storm. READ MORE >>

Perhaps the best tools for dealing with flats are a cell phone and a roadside assistance number. However, it's still a good idea to know how to replace a flat tire with a spare because you may be in an area with poor cell phone reception or the wait for roadside assistance may be too long. READ MORE >>

Asking whether or not flood insurance covers all water in your house is a great question! We think it's important to discuss before you purchase flood insurance. So let's break it down and start with what exactly is qualified as a flood. READ MORE >>

Houston Auto insurance companies have a way of categorizing drivers as either high-risk or low-risk drivers. Those who are deemed high-risk have to pay higher premiums than their low-risk counterparts. Incidentally, teenage drivers are classified as risky drivers, and have to pay high premiums. READ MORE >>

Car insurance has become compulsory in most countries worldwide due to a matter of concern from their government. The reason why most governments make car insurance policy compulsory is so that they can provide their citizens with financial compensation, in the case that they suffer any loss occurring due to road accidents. READ MORE >>

Since the late 1980s, vehicles have been integrated with more advanced safety and security features than ever. These features have significantly decreased accidents and saved lives. Houston Auto insurance providers see the impact of modern safety and security features and offer great discounts for vehicles that are equipped with them. READ MORE >>

Child safety seats are difficult to properly install in cars, according to an insurance industry research group, because of the design of most passenger seats. Joint research conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute ... READ MORE >>

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission will set up its first office outside the United States in China in a bid to reduce the amount of dangerous products reaching the American market. Commission head Inez Tenenbaum told reporters the “history-making” office also aims to make it easier for the U. READ MORE >>

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