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Storms that produce high velocity winds can rip through your property, leaving destruction in their wake. Because you can’t truly predict the strength of a storm, it’s a good idea to ensure that your home is protected from the possibility of windstorm damage. READ MORE >>

Windstorms are one of the least talked about types of storms. Why? Because windstorms are usually part of thunderstorms, tornadoes and other storms and we just talk about the main storm. But windstorms, alone or part of another type of storm, can cause significant damage to your home. READ MORE >>

You never know when a disaster will strike, and having the right insurance will protect your investment and your resources. Windstorm insurance covers damages caused by high winds. Windstorm insurance covers roof damage, window damage and damage to personal property if the wind enters the house and causes damage. READ MORE >>

Storms can’t always be predicted, but there are steps you can take to protect both your property and family if you know that high winds are on their way. Use this list as a guide to start making preparations at the first warning of an oncoming storm. READ MORE >>

The Houston Texans challenge Reliable Insurance Managers is offering The Houston Texans Challenge! Starting immediately, if the Houston Texans win or lose any game from now on, we will pay $99 to the 99th caller the day AFTER the game to get a quote on auto, home, commercial or any other type of insurance. READ MORE >>

When Sean Davis of Lunenburg, Mass. lost his Census job in October 2010, he figured he'd be able to claim unemployment insurance for 99 weeks. That's how long benefits lasted, according to the state government and every news report about unemployment at the time. Of course, he hoped he'd find a job way before 99 weeks had passed. READ MORE >>

Hundreds of homes in North Texas sustained damage in Tuesday's tornadoes -- some more than others.  On Wednesday, insurance agents were on the road trying to find their customers who were hit.  "We're going to target first the claim that we know see if they're  okay and make sure they don't need anything up front", said Katie Nestle with Allstate Insurance. READ MORE >>

The Obama administration and U.S. Catholic bishops continue to be at odds over a proposed federal policy to make coverage for contraceptives a standard part of employer-sponsored health-care insurance. As part of the implementation of health-care reform, the Obama administration last month is... READ MORE >>

Under the 2010 federal health care reform law, Texas is reviewing medical insurance companies' rate increases of at least 10 percent to determine whether they are justified, but even if reviewers find a problem, they have no way of heading it off or even letting the public know about it. READ MORE >>

Before the end of January, the newly established Federal Insurance Office (FIO) within the U.S. Department of Treasury is expected to release its highly anticipated report on how to modernize and improve insurance regulation in the United States. READ MORE >>

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