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We live in an increasingly eco-friendly world. Today’s businesses know the value of a dollar. Many know how to save money by using solar energy. Using solar panels on your business’s roof is a good idea. It might, however, introduce several business insurance implications. READ MORE >>

Perhaps your spouse or partner travels a lot, which means you sometimes feel more exposed to dangerous risks than you would by yourself. If you are at home alone a lot, your safety might be at the forefront of your mind. What can you do to protect yourself at times when you are by yourself in the property? READ MORE >>

Summer is a prime time for entertaining, and when you own a boat, that will probably seem like the perfect place to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. However, all boat owners probably understand exactly how many safety risks that both they and others face on the vessel. READ MORE >>

Cars require work, and they are worth a lot to you—both time and money, in fact. That’s why you want to keep them in good shape. Now that it’s summer, you might have some free time to take care of a few vehicle upkeep tasks that you might forget about otherwise. READ MORE >>

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Do you know the flood risks around your home? You might not, but it’s worth finding out. Most properties have flood risks. However, some have a much higher chance of experiencing a flood than others. Those with the highest risks of flooding have the most need for flood insurance. READ MORE >>

All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are designed to withstand roughness. These vehicles are fast, unafraid of any terrain and always willing to go another mile. Many riders take their ATVs off-roading, including hunters and individuals exploring the surroundings.  READ MORE >>

Whether you're taking a one week, one month or one year RV trip, you need to be savvy when it comes to packing and storing your belongings  since RV space is at a premium. It may be hard to limit what you pack on your first few outings, but you'll soon come to know what you need and what you never even touch. READ MORE >>

Roads are meant for motor vehicles, while sidewalks are meant for pedestrians. Unlike roads and sidewalks, parking lots are unique because they are meant for both. Unfortunately when cars and pedestrians are mixed together, pedestrians often get hurt. READ MORE >>

If you own a motorcycle, there’s no question whether or not you need insurance because it’s the law. Being able to ride safely without reservation of getting stopped or being in an accident is a possibility with the peace of mind that motorcycle insurance provides. READ MORE >>

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