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Business & Commercial Insurance

Business & Commercial Insurance Information

The Importance of Getting Coverage for Your Business

Insurance, trust, safetyIf you work hard to build your business, you can often reap lucrative financial rewards. However, ensuring growth means protecting your assets. Hazards like weather or fires might damage the structure or products. Customers and employees might sustain injuries on the property. Company vehicles could wreck. No one wants to use valuable company funds paying for unavoidable accidents like these.

In each of these scenarios, commercial insurance can help the business pay for damage to its capital. With business insurance, the impact on your accounts is often relatively minimal. Finding the right package should be a part of your business’ plan of stability.

Our Business Insurance Offerings

A business that is serious about getting the right commercial insurance will need to work with an experienced insurance company. Expertise is the name of the game at Reliable Insurance Managers, Inc. We can help you enroll in various insurance policies to better protect yourself from common business dangers. You might need to buy:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance: If you own company vehicles, or if your employees drive their own vehicles for business purposes, this insurance can protect you. Based on the ownership of the vehicle, you might need collision, comprehensive or liability insurance. Tell your insurance agent how, when, why and where you will use your company vehicles. Ask them how to structure your policy to best meet your needs.
  • Property Coverage: Your business has multiple assets—the building, stock, business materials and personal property. Losses to any of these could financially impact the business. Property coverage can help owners repair or replace items belonging to the company.
  • General Liability Insurance: By working with your business, customers might expose themselves to risks. They might slip and fall in the business and break a leg. One of your products might injure them or damage their property. In each of these scenarios, the company may be responsible for financial damages to the client. Liability insurance can help the company repay the client for their losses.
  • Umbrella Insurance: Sometimes, standard liability insurance doesn’t provide enough coverage for all of the risks your business faces. Umbrella protection can help extend your general liability protection to cover more risks and provide more funds.
  • Excess Liability Protection: Even if you have umbrella coverage, the limits might not be high enough. Excess liability protection can help provide extra funds past the limits of your existing umbrella policies.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Employees could sustain on-the-job injuries. This could mean a financial loss and physical incapacitation to the employee. Most states require businesses to provide workers’ compensation for this reason. Workers’ comp insurance can help businesses pay injured employees for medical bills, lost income and even death benefits.
  • Bonds: If a business signs a contract with a client, it promises to complete its work. Failing to honor a contract means the business might have to compensate the client. Bonds do not provide these funds. However, they guarantee the client that the business has the funds to repay the losses.

How each form of business insurance protects your company will vary. So, talk to one of our agents about which policies are the best ones for you.

Why Work With Us?

As an independent agency, Reliable Insurance Managers, Inc. can research and compare a wide variety of coverage offerings from reputable insurers. Our knowledge, competence and friendly approach to insurance services can guarantee that you have the policy you need when you walk away from our office. Plus, we are here when you need us. We can receive quotes, payments, policy chances and information updates 24 hours a day.

So, what’s stopping you? If you live in Katy, Sugar Land, Houston, Pasadena or other areas of Texas, contact us today at 713-227-7283.


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