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Business Owners Policy (BOP) Insurance - Now Serving All 50 States 

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Small business owners have a lot of responsibilities to juggle. Managing your business’s numerous insurance policies shouldn’t have to add to that workload. To get the convenience of multiple lines of coverage in one place, consider buying a business owners policy (BOP) package.

This unique insurance option is a great way for business owners to ensure they have the right insurance without the hassle of getting multiple policies. The team at Reliable Insurance Managers, Inc. is ready and waiting to help you get your coverage right now.

What’s a business owners policy?

Business insurance is not just one type of policy. It is a conglomeration of coverage options that, together, protect your business assets, customers, employees, income and more in case accidents occur. Still, because policy options are so numerous, managing your coverage might feel confusing.

BOPs help eliminate that uncertainty. When you buy a BOP, you buy several of the most-common types of business insurance in one package. This has its advantages:

  • You’ll get the convenience of having several types of protection in one place. That equals cohesion among your coverage.
  • On a BOP, you’ll only pay one premium. You won’t have to manage numerous costs just to get essential coverage. That’s money and time saved for your business.
  • All coverage within BOPs can start and end on the same dates. You’ll not have to worry about coverage lapses and won’t face multiple renewal dates each year.

What is covered in a business owners policy?

Most BOPs offer a few standard elements of protection, such as:

  • Property insurance: Coverage can insure damage or losses of your owned property and structures, such as your office space.
  • Contents coverage: Possessions and materials housed in the business will have
  • Bodily injury liability coverage: A third party might get hurt when doing business with you. If the injury was your fault, then you can use this coverage to pay them back for their losses.
  • Property damage liability coverage: Damaging someone else’s property, such as when you make house calls on your job, might get costly. This coverage will allow you to cover the repairs or replacement of a new item.
  • Business interruption coverage: Hazards or accidents in the workplace might cause a halt in operations. This coverage can help you meet ongoing costs even during the closure. Coverage might also help you pay to temporarily relocate the business.

These are also the most-critical and necessary types of protection for any business. Therefore, small business owners stand to benefit from these in the widest variety of cases.

What coverage can I add to a business owners policy?

Once you set up the standard BOP options, you can often add other coverage to your portfolio.

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Cyber liability insurance
  • Personal injury liability insurance
  • Errors & omissions (E&O) coverage
  • Directors & officers (D&O) coverage
  • Inland marine insurance
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • Flood insurance
  • Umbrella insurance

In some cases, you can add this coverage directly into the BOP itself. However, in others, you must buy separate policies to get this coverage. We can point you in the right direction.


With the help of Reliable Insurance’s dedicated agents, you will get the right commercial insurance portfolio. We know how to expand your BOP and other policies in beneficial (but still-affordable) ways.

How much is a business owners policy?

Your BOP’s cost will vary based on numerous factors, including the size and revenue of the business. Industry risks might also impact how much you will pay. We can ensure you never pay too much for the wrong type of coverage.

Who qualifies for a business owners policy?

BOPs are great for small business owners who have affordability and accessibility in mind. In most cases, qualifying operations are those with fewer employees, lower revenue and lower industry risks.

That doesn’t mean that your growing business won’t qualify for a BOP. You’ll just need to adjust your BOP as your business changes. If you ever come to a point where a BOP isn’t your best fit anymore, our agents can help you adjust your coverage accordingly.

Do I have to buy coverage?

In many cases, you do have to carry certain types of business coverage. Legal requirements exist in many states, and even clients, might be able to request that you carry coverage also. When your BOP can include any required protection, we’ll make sure it does.

What is the difference between a commercial package and a business owners policy?

Commercial policy packages (CPPs) are another insurance option that allow you to get multiple types of insurance in one place. However, CPPs don’t automatically include certain coverage. Rather, you have to indicate what protection you want. You can’t just assume it will offer certain coverage. With BOPs, you’ll have a good idea of what you’re getting when you enroll.

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