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To run your business, you might have to get behind the wheel. Indeed, many businesses transport goods or people as their primary services. Business drivers, therefore, need commercial auto insurance.

The right commercial auto coverage will protect you on Texas roadways and beyond. Reliable Insurance Managers, Inc. offers a diversity of policies that will tailor coverage to your specific requirements.

What is commercial auto insurance?

The operating and cost risks associated with your business vehicles are different from those you might face when driving privately. When you drive on business, you put not only yourself and the vehicle, but also the business, at-risk. Commercial auto policies, therefore, function as both business and car insurance. They will protect both the driver’s and the business’s losses if accidents occur.

When do I need commercial auto insurance?

Vehicles that might need commercial auto insurance include:

  • Cars, trucks or vans owned by the business
  • Personal vehicles owned by employees or the business owner, but used for regular business
  • Vehicles provided by the company to employee drivers
  • Certain large trucks, even those used strictly for private operation, need commercial auto coverage due to their gross vehicle weight (GVW) qualifications

One rule of thumb is that if driving is essential to your business operations, then you need commercial auto insurance. Let our agents help you decide on the necessary policy for you.

Do I have to buy coverage?

Texas law requires all drivers, commercial drivers included, to carry car insurance. Federal law and industry regulators might also subject certain businesses to buy commercial auto coverage as well.

Still, regardless of requirements the benefits of coverage are always preferable to driving uninsured. Believe us when we say all businesses that own vehicles, offer transportation or employ drivers need commercial auto coverage.

Commercial Auto Insurance Policy Options

  • Liability Insurance

If a commercial driver negligently causes a wreck, then Texas’ at-fault insurance laws make them responsible for the property damage or bodily injuries they cause to third parties, like other drivers. Liability coverage will cover these costs. All Texas commercial auto policies must contain at least:

  • $30,000 bodily injury liability coverage per person
  • $60,000 bodily injury liability coverage per accident
  • $25,000 property damage liability coverage per accident

Some commercial drivers with exceptional operating risks face higher liability requirements. However, all commercial driver can benefit by increasing their liability limits anyway. The more coverage you have, the less you might have to pay out-of-pocket for someone else’s damage.

  • Personal injury protection (PIP insurance)

PIP insurance will help you cover your medical bills, injury costs and lost income regardless of who is at-fault for a wreck. All Texas policies must offer this coverage; however, you have no obligation to buy it.

  • Collision insurance

This coverage will pay to help you repair or replace your own vehicle after a wreck.

  • Comprehensive insurance

Commercial vehicle damage not related to collisions will have coverage on this policy component. Policies might pay for vehicle damage or total losses resulting from theft or vandalism, fires, severe weather, water damage and other hazards.

  • Trailer coverage

You can usually include liability and physical damage protection for your trailers within coverage.

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist protection

Another driver might lack enough liability insurance to pay for the total cost of your damage. Underinsured motorist coverage can pay the remaining costs after that person’s policy pays to its limits. If the other driver doesn’t have liability coverage at all, then uninsured motorist protection can help you pay for the total cost of your claim.

  • Gap insurance

Businesses with financed vehicles might need this additional coverage. It can help you settle the cost of your loan in case you total your vehicle, but still need to pay off the balance.

  • Inland marine insurance

Inland marine insurance applies to company-owned goods and client goods while they are in transport on commercial vehicles. A specific type of inland marine coverage, motor truck cargo insurance, will apply specifically to shipping or delivery businesses who transport the property of others.

Don’t forget to also ask our agents about other policy options like roadside assistance, diminishing deductibles or glass insurance.

Commercial Auto Insurance FAQs

Do I need replacement cost value or actual cash value insurance?

If you total your car, you will receive a settlement for the loss. Some policies will offer replacement cost value (RCV) coverage for these losses, while others will offer actual cash value (ACV) coverage.

  • ACV policies will pay a car’s depreciated value at the time of the accident. That might not be the full cost you need to buy a new vehicle, however.
  • RCV coverage will pay a car’s new market value for the replacement. Therefore, you can afford the cost of a new vehicle of equal or lesser value.

RCV policies are often more expensive than ACV. However, they can provide more assistance when you need it. Our agents know how to adjust your RCV policy to make sure you always pay the most-affordable price for your coverage.

Does commercial auto insurance cover personal use?

If you drive any commercial vehicle for personal use, then commercial auto policies can apply to your personal use. However, speak to one of our agents about whether you need to make any special adjustments to your policy, such as buy buying bobtail insurance for commercial trucks.

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