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Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance Information

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A home flood can happen anytime, anywhere. In fact, it’s something that many people worry about every time it rains. However, only in limited circumstances will your homeowners insurance cover the damage a flood might bring. To get better protection, you might have to buy flood insurance.

Reliable Insurance Managers, Inc. offers premier flood insurance for residents of greater Houston and the entire Lone Star State. Contact us, and we’ll help you get the appropriate coverage today!

Do I need flood insurance in Texas?

Flooding is a devastating occurrence. Just an inch of water in your home could cause thousands of dollars in property damage. There are plenty of places in Texas where floods might occur regularly. Still, even if your home has never flooded, that doesn’t mean it won’t.

It might be harder than you think to clean up flood damage by using your property’s insurance. That’s because standard home insurance typically does not insure damage from weather-related flooding.

So, if flash flooding, storm surge or similar events damage your home, your home insurance might provide no help. To get such protection, you will likely need flood insurance, specifically. With the policy’s assistance, you won’t lose your home’s value and interest if floods damage the property.

Are you required to have flood insurance?

Mortgage lenders and government rules require certain homeowners to buy flood insurance.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) work with communities throughout Texas to measure flooding risks in given areas. Those who live in areas with high flood risks often have to buy coverage.

What Flood Insurance Covers

Reliable Insurance’s flood policies come both from the NFIP and from private insurers. The coverage offered by these policies usually includes:

  • Structure insurance: This coverage will pay for many types of damage to your house. It can also pay for certain damaged furnishings attached to the house. Buildings not attached to the house, like carports or storage sheds, also receive coverage under this policy.
  • Contents protection: This coverage can insure belongings like your clothing, furniture, electronics, utilities and appliances damaged by flooding.

Depending on whether you buy an NFIP-backed or private plan, you might be able to add other types of protection into your policy.

Rest assured that our agents can match your coverage to the value of your home and possessions as closely as possible. Coverage will meet the requirements set by your lender. Still, we can always adjust your policy options so that they provide the most-effective coverage for you, uniquely.

Flood Insurance FAQs

When should I buy flood insurance?

If you have to buy flood insurance, you’ll usually have to have coverage in place at least by the time you close on the home. Ask your lender about your particular filing requirements.

How much is flood insurance in Texas?

Flood insurance’s premiums vary. Factors like the property value, the amount of coverage you buy, and the type of flood zone you live in could influence your rates. Our agents will help you find the right balance of coverage so that you also can save on your rates.

What is the minimum amount of flood insurance required

Depending on which of the following figures is lesser, your flood insurance usually must cover at least:

  • The outstanding principal balance of the loan
  • The maximum amount of coverage offered by an NFIP policy
  • The insurable value of the property (if it’s below the policy’s maximum limits)

You should buy at least enough coverage that equals the cost to rebuild the home following total destruction in a flood. However, we recommend that you increase your coverage to take care of additional costs that might arise.

Does flood insurance cover burst pipes?

Certain in-home floods, such as those from burst pipes, might have assistance from standard homeowners coverage itself. However, not all in-home floods will have coverage by a homeowners policy, so check your policy before making a claim.

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