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Starting Your Journey as an Independent Agent

Maybe you are just starting your career as an insurance agent. Or, perhaps, you are ready to stop working for just one insurance carrier, and spread your wings to offer multiple policies from numerous insurers.ad to click to apply to get appointed Taking either steps means getting appointed to the appropriate carriers, and Reliable Insurance Services is here to make that process easier for you.

New or seasoned independent agents can easily turn to us to get help with all of their appointment needs. We’ll make sure you receive appropriate resources to make your business a success, while you’ll still be able to own your book of business, maximize your commissions and enhance your performance.

What’s an independent insurance agent?

Independent agents sell the policies of multiple insurers, whereas captive agents only sell the policies of one insurance company. They therefore have a lot of autonomy and can beneficially grow their outreach and sales opportunities.

By working with numerous insurers, you’ll be able to compare policies within and between these multiple carriers, and can therefore maximize your ability to make sales and increase client retention and satisfaction. You’ll be able to offer your client numerous policy solutions that might be able to fit their most-essential coverage needs. They have a higher likelihood of staying your client if they know that you can respond to them when they want help with or changes to their policies.

How do I get appointed with insurance companies?

To represent any insurance company, you must receive an appointment. Once you receive that appointment, you will become an agent of that carrier, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits that your insurance carrier partner offers.

By receiving carrier appointments through Reliable Insurance Services, you’ll become part of one of the largest wholesale insurance agency networks in the nation. We’re here to help you walk through the process easily and efficiently, and you have guaranteed admission to standard and non-standard personal and commercial insurer networks.

What are the benefits of an appointment?

You’ll be able to receive multiple benefits through being appointed by us:

  • You own your book of business and will receive the highest commissions on all sales.
  • Our top-of-the-line policy rater systems can help you quote and compile policy information quickly and accurately.
  • All agents will receive maximum benefits, continuing education and training assistance from their carrier partners.
  • Reliable Insurance offers client marketing and management software, along with a top-rated agency management system.

All in all, we’re here to help you achieve appointments quickly so that you can start your independent sales career easily and conveniently. You’ll always have access to agency resources and tools to help you grow and maintain your business as easily as possible. We can tailor services to each and every agent’s needs at any time!

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